PatriotFest Edition 2018 – 1st place at “Optimizing Human Performance”: Geysir Enterprise Search by JulySoft.Net awarded by Mr. Andrei Oprina, Head of ITA of SRI

It was just the end of the PatriotFest Edition 2018, a national contest organized by MApN, MAI, SRI, STS, SPP in partnership with the New Strategy Center. A fascinating event, where innovating Romanians from everywhere had the opportunity to present their projects in several fields.

congratulations to all PatriotFest organizers for the real source of inspiration offered to all Romanians as well for the chance given to the participants!


Popa Dumitru-Stelian attended the section “Optimizing Human Performancewith the productJuly Soft Geysir Enterprise Search”.

Participation started with interesting discussions at the PatriotFest forum and then followed a detailed demo of the product “Geysir Enterprise Search”, exemplifying the functionalities and benefits of this search engine within any institution that would implement it.


Popa Dumitru-Stelian has achieved the maximum success and recognition of PatriotFest, receiving 1st place in the category “Optimizing Human PerformanceforGeysir Enterprise Search” - you can view the award at the PatriotFest gala here (at 47').



It gives us a great honor and we Thanks a lot to Mr. Andrei Oprina, Head of the Institute for Advanced Technologies (ITA) of SRI(Romanian Inteligence Service) for the beautiful handing over of the 1st prize for Geysir Enterprise Search - Popa Stelian in the section "Optimizing Human Performance".
You can view the video with awarding the prize here.

We thank Simona who was present to raise the prize in place of Stelian.



Thanks to PatriotFest for the chance to participate in this national event as well as for the trust and Geysir's first prize in Optimizing Human Performance!

Well done Stelian! July Soft thanks you for your entire contribution to creating and promoting “Geysir Enterprise Search”!



Other information about PatriotFest Edition 2018 you can find at:

Make every effort and your passion and dreams can come true!

Happy Birthday, Romania! Thanks PatriotFest! Well done Stelian!


Iulia from JulySoft.Net

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