Breaking News! July Soft GEYSIR Suite it’s now at version v3.3!

Now, imagine you have implemented Geysir Suite, then you would have received, once with its latest free version v3.3, the next features:


1) GEYSIR Enterprise Search v3.3:

  • Nicer graphics, various UI/UX tweaks - see below great speed of getting 158406 results in only 0.16 seconds while searching in 1.7 TB of data!

2) HEKLA DMS v3.3:

  • Automatically generation of docx template files auto-filled with all dossier loaded images(including those from zip files)

  • Workflow graphic visualization (with the ability to view also the invalid statuses used in previous workflow versions)

  • "Delete" action for dossier files accessible directly from the "Files" dossier area without the need to browse the file 

If don't have yet implemented Geysir Suite, just act now you'll get it for a very affordable price(10x times cheaper than similar products on the market)!

Geysir will help you to cut wasted costs and time and boost your business profits!


I'm not ready to let you order, until you see a live demo of the product special focused on your business needs!



Iulia from JulySoft.Net

National Championship of Bouldering – Congratulations Crina Ochenatu!


Yesterday, Saturday 11 November 2018, Crina Ochenatu arrived in the finals of the national championship of bouldering organized by "Romanian Climbing and Escalade Federation" at the Carpathian Escalation Hall in Bucharest.

I congratulate Crina for the example of professionalism and passion, for the strength of concentration and technique in choosing the solution and in putting into practice under time pressure(in just 4 minutes/route) in each of the 4 routes of the final.



I also thank Crina for the extremely demanding and beneficial training that she has given me as a personal trainer.

Following the best, the performers, as Crina is in this sport of escalation, it is always a delight and an important source of inspiration and motivation! Thank you Crina and best of luck for the future!


Always with the best,

Iulia from JulySoft.Net

Campionatul Național de Bouldering – Felicitari Crina Ochenatu!

Ieri, Sambata 11 Noiembrie 2018, Crina Ochenatu a ajuns in finala campionatului national de bouldering organizat de “Federatia Romana de Alpinism si Escalada” la sala de escalada Carpatic din Bucuresti.

O felicit pe Crina pentru exemplul de profesionalism si pasiune, pentru puterea de concentrare si tehnica in alegerea solutiei si in punerea in practica sub presiunea timpului(in doar 4 minute/traseu) in fiecare din cele 4 trasee.


Ii multumesc Crinei si pentru antrenamentele extrem de solicitante si benefice pe care mi le-a daruit ca antrenor personal.

Urmarindu-i pe cei mai buni, pe performeri, asa cum este si Crina in acest sport al escaladei, este intotdeauna o incantare si o sursa importanta de inspiratie si de motivatie! Multumim Crina si mult succes in continuare!


Mereu alaturi de cei mai buni,

Iulia de la JulySoft.net