Geysir Enterprise Search is out - You Get More Time Every New Version...

July Soft just rolled out Geysir Enterprise Search version

The main new functionality is now "Get More Like This..." button.

As its name says, this new feature allows the user - both in Web UI (available to Enterprise, Professional or Basic license owners) and in Desktop Console UI (available to all license owners, including Free Version users) - to get all other documents that are "similar" with a given one - resulted from a previous search.

Let's take a very common example:

A lawyer in your company needs to consult "Contract Client Ben". He logs in Geysir Search Portal and types "Contract Ben".

Geysir returns few results - among them "IT Services Contract - Ben.pdf".

The lawyer needs now to see other IT Services contracts to compare them with Ben's contract...

Now, he can just click on "More Like This ..." button that is available on first result - he will then magically get all IT Services contracts existing in the Company's repository.

So, now, any Geysir user - including Free users - can enjoy this time saving new feature that is needed so often in today's reality in any company...

Also Geysir Desktop UI has been further polished and starts to look sleek and elegant as Web UI is.

Curious to see if you can Get More This? Just request us your download Geysir Free Link!


Happy Searching,

July Soft Team

What is the benefit for My Organization to acquire July Soft Geysir?

It's hard to measure the gain brought by an Enterprise Search system. But what would we do without them? Let's try to imagine a day without web search engines.

The first benefit of Geysir is increased productivity, less time spent on searching or re-creating documents not found! New employees are easier to accommodate, reduced costs, cheaper IT operations and satisfied customers about your support quickness! Real help in implementing any certification, really useful in any audit scenario!

Don't waste your time, you have to find quickly your intranet data.

It's simple, Geysir is your solution.

Feel free to ask for your GEYSIR FREE kit here.

Enterprise Search systems are more than an informatics product: they are a way of working to be successful!  

Change your search experience with us and try Geysir,

July Soft Team – www.julysoft.net

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July Soft Geysir – Take the Search Stress Out Like a Cat Does ...

July Soft Geysir – Take the Search Stress Out Like a Cat Does ...

Dear computer and data user,

I know you're wondering sometimes, especially during extremely busy days how you can improve your search experience and find instantly the file you need.

I know you're wondering sometimes, what you can do to avoid the need to bother any colleague with a lot of questions about where the data is, or to ask the network admin where is an email, or to avoid the time lost to re-create certain documents you simply don't find!

Just ask yourself: are you really satisfied how quick you find any type of electronic data inside the company?

Maybe not ... Today you have a new product Geysir able to find within seconds your data. Indeed there is a product like this and there is no exaggeration!

You find hard to believe, but it's true: using Geysir you can find within 1 second everything you are searching in an index of 800 GB data files!

Convince yourself in the following ways:

      1. Geysir FREE – use for free a limited version of Geysir

      2. Skype Geysir Demo: request a free live demo of Geysir by Skype

      3. Geysir TRIAL: request the Trial kit to test Geysir for free for 7 days

by sending us an email cu julysoft@runbox.com and give a chance to Geysir product.

You have nothing to lose, by contrary you will find the solution to take the company data search stress out simple as a cat does...

Change your search experience with us and try Geysir,

July Soft Team – www.julysoft.net

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