July 16th 2019 – Moon Eclipse in Romania & at JulySoft

Tuesday night, 16th July 2019, it will be moon eclipse, phenomenon visible also in Romania.

An eclipse of the Moon occurs when the Sun, Earth and Moon are aligned. The moon eclipse of the night 16th July 2019, will be the last significant eclipse in Romania in the next 6 years, so the next major eclipse will be only in 2025.


At JulySoft also in July, the planets align, being the moon July that gives the company name and the month that July Soft was created, so the positive energy that revolves around the sun makes the Geysir suite implementations to be a great success for all companies who decide to use the Geysir suite in their business to get more free time for every user in the company ... why not to enjoy such rare events like the eclipse of the moon visible today.

Team from JulySoft.net

16 Iulie 2019 – Eclipsa Luna in Romania dar si la JulySoft

Mari seara, 16 iulie 2019 va fi eclipsa de luna fenomen vizibil si in Romania.

O eclipsă de Luna are loc atunci cand Soarele, Pamantul si Luna sunt aliniate. Eclipsa din noaptea de 16 iulie 2019, va fi ultima eclipsa importanta vizibila din România in urmatorii 6 ani, deci urmatoarea eclipsa de luna importanta va fi abia in 2025.

Si la JulySoft in luna Iulie, planetele se aliniaza, fiind luna care da numele companiei dar si luna in care July Soft a fost creata, asa incat energia pozitiva care graviteaza in jurul soarelui face ca implementarile suitei Geysir sa fie de maxim succes pentru toate companiile care decid sa foloseasca suita Geysir in activitatea de business pentru a putea beneficia de mai mult timp liber fiecare utilizator din companie … de ce nu si pentru a se bucura de astfel de evenimente rare precum eclipsa de luna de astazi.

Echipa JulySoft.net

July Soft Hekla v4.0.0.0 Update

Hekla v4.0.0.0 – principalele functionalitati noi:

  1. Preluarea automata de la ANAF a datelor de identificare client(Adresa, CUI etc).

           Dupa salvarea CUI pentru un client, se completeaza automat datele de identificare citite de la ANAF.

  1. Executie rapida flux / tranzitie flux direct in pagina de detalii

  2. Executie flux & Link Go & modificare atribute dosare in relatie intr-un singur popup

  3. Logging mai bun / GDRP compliant

  4. Adaugare Traducere UI in Spaniola si Franceza


Echipa JulySoft.Net 


Yesterday, 26 March 2019, took place an excellent event “Capability-Driven Defence Research and Innovation Conference” organized by MAPN(Minister of National Defence of Romania) together with EDA(European Defence Agency) within the 2019 Romanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union at “Palace of Parliament” in Bucharest.

We enjoyed to see the discussion and presentation of of maximum interest topics such as:

  • new EU funding instruments with impact in future defence EU capability

  • synergies between defence public sector(5% EU defence Fund) and private industries especially where its about disruptive early stage innovative products(fast, dynamic, flexible and less failure foresight). In this way, EU defence sector wants to take benefit of new technological leads and fund them for changing the way things are done into defence sphere.

Thanks to the organizers for the invitation and congratulations for the excellent event!

Iulia and Stelian from JulySoft.Net


PatriotFest Edition 2018 – 1st place at “Optimizing Human Performance”: Geysir Enterprise Search by JulySoft.Net awarded by Mr. Andrei Oprina, Head of ITA of SRI

It was just the end of the PatriotFest Edition 2018, a national contest organized by MApN, MAI, SRI, STS, SPP in partnership with the New Strategy Center. A fascinating event, where innovating Romanians from everywhere had the opportunity to present their projects in several fields.

congratulations to all PatriotFest organizers for the real source of inspiration offered to all Romanians as well for the chance given to the participants!


Popa Dumitru-Stelian attended the section “Optimizing Human Performancewith the productJuly Soft Geysir Enterprise Search”.

Participation started with interesting discussions at the PatriotFest forum and then followed a detailed demo of the product “Geysir Enterprise Search”, exemplifying the functionalities and benefits of this search engine within any institution that would implement it.


Popa Dumitru-Stelian has achieved the maximum success and recognition of PatriotFest, receiving 1st place in the category “Optimizing Human PerformanceforGeysir Enterprise Search” - you can view the award at the PatriotFest gala here (at 47').



It gives us a great honor and we Thanks a lot to Mr. Andrei Oprina, Head of the Institute for Advanced Technologies (ITA) of SRI(Romanian Inteligence Service) for the beautiful handing over of the 1st prize for Geysir Enterprise Search - Popa Stelian in the section "Optimizing Human Performance".
You can view the video with awarding the prize here.

We thank Simona who was present to raise the prize in place of Stelian.



Thanks to PatriotFest for the chance to participate in this national event as well as for the trust and Geysir's first prize in Optimizing Human Performance!

Well done Stelian! July Soft thanks you for your entire contribution to creating and promoting “Geysir Enterprise Search”!



Other information about PatriotFest Edition 2018 you can find at:

Make every effort and your passion and dreams can come true!

Happy Birthday, Romania! Thanks PatriotFest! Well done Stelian!


Iulia from JulySoft.Net

PatriotFest Editia 2018 – Locul 1 la “Optimizarea Peformantei Umane”: Geysir Enterprise Search by JulySoft.Net inmanat de D-ul Andrei Oprina, Directorul ITA din cadrul SRI

Tocmai s-a incheiat PatriotFest Editia 2018, concurs national organizat de MApN, MAI, SRI, STS, SPP in parteneriat cu asociatia New Strategy Center. Un eveniment fascinant, in cadrul caruia romanii inovatori de pretutindeni au avut ocazia sa-si prezinte proiectele funtionale in mai multe domenii.

Felicitari tuturor organizatorilor PatriotFest pentru reala sursa de inspiratie oferita noua tuturor romanilor precum si sansa oferita participantilor!


Popa Dumitru-Stelian a participat la sectiunea “Optimizarea performantei umane” cu produsul “July Soft Geysir Enterprise Search”.

Participarea a inceput cu discutii interesante in cadrul forumului PatriotFest si apoi a urmat o demostratie detaliata a produsului “Geysir Enterprise Search”, exemplificand functionalitatile si beneficiile aduse de acest motor de cautare in cadrul oricarei institutii care l-ar implementa.


Popa Dumitru-Stelian a obtinut succesul maxim si recunoasterea PatriotFest, primind locul 1 la categoria “Optimizarea performantei umane” pentru produsul “Geysir Enterprise Search” - puteti vizualiza acordarea premiului la gala PatriotFest aici (minutul 47).


Ne face o deosebita onoare si ii multumim mult D-nului Andrei Oprina, Directorul Institutului pentru Tehnologii Avansate (ITA) din cadrul SRI(Serviciul Roman de Informatii) pentru frumoasa inmanare a premiului 1 pentru "Geysir Enterprise Search" - Popa Stelian la sectiunea "Optimizarea performantei umane".

Puteti vizualiza inmanarea premiului aici.

Multumim Simonei care a fost prezenta sa ridice premiul in locul lui Stelian.



Multumim PatriotFest pentru sansa oferita de a participa la acest eveniment national, precum si pentru increderea oferita si premierea lui Geysir cu locul 1 in optimizarea performantei umane!

Felicitari Stelian! July Soft iti multumeste pentru intreaga contributie la crearea si promovarea lui “Geysir Enterprise Search”!



Alte informatii despre PatriotFest Editia 2018 gasiti la:


Depuneti toate eforturile si pasiunea pe care o aveti si visele pot deveni realitate!

La multi ani, Romania! Multumim PatriotFest! Felicitari Stelian!


Iulia de la JulySoft.Net

Breaking News! July Soft GEYSIR Suite it’s now at version v3.3!

Now, imagine you have implemented Geysir Suite, then you would have received, once with its latest free version v3.3, the next features:


1) GEYSIR Enterprise Search v3.3:

  • Nicer graphics, various UI/UX tweaks - see below great speed of getting 158406 results in only 0.16 seconds while searching in 1.7 TB of data!

2) HEKLA DMS v3.3:

  • Automatically generation of docx template files auto-filled with all dossier loaded images(including those from zip files)

  • Workflow graphic visualization (with the ability to view also the invalid statuses used in previous workflow versions)

  • "Delete" action for dossier files accessible directly from the "Files" dossier area without the need to browse the file 

If don't have yet implemented Geysir Suite, just act now you'll get it for a very affordable price(10x times cheaper than similar products on the market)!

Geysir will help you to cut wasted costs and time and boost your business profits!


I'm not ready to let you order, until you see a live demo of the product special focused on your business needs!



Iulia from JulySoft.Net

Cele 7 pacate capitale in tehnologia informatiei(IT)

Cele 7 pacate capitale sunt valabile in viata noastra, implicit in industria tehnologiei informatie(IT), astfel:


  1. MANDRIA IN IT – Comunica la fel cu toti clientii / cu toti membri echipei:

Daca esti foarte inteligent si ai contribuit foarte mult la succesul proiectului:

    • recunoaste si aportul adus de ceilalti mebri ai echipei mai putin experimentati

    • prezinta produsul tuturor utilizatorilor cu acceasi pasiune indiferent de nivelul cunostintelor fiecaruia

    • acorda atentie maxima fiecarui membru al echipei, fiecarui client si fiecarui utilizator fara a face discriminare


  1. AVIDITATEA IN IT – Pastreaza masura in toate(evaluare, vanzare, prezentare, livrare):

    • adauga functionalitati cu masura pentru a face fata tuturor rigorilor de testare/livrare

    • testeaza complet update-urile si nu te grabi sa livrezi fara a trece prin toate etapele necesare

    • descrie produsul software clientilor cu masura si nu exagera in prezentarea avantajelor/functionalitatilor existente

    • aplica o politica de preturi corecta conform valorii produselor

    • aplica o politica de licentiere corecta si nu limita exagerat functionalitatile pe criterii de numar de utilizatori(dimensiune etc)


  1. DESFRANAREA – Fii disciplinat:

    • respecta regulile de dezvoltare aplicatii software si mai ales de scriere cod

    • respecta timpul clientilor cand faci prezentari si/sau suport

    • respecta toate parteneriatele si toti colaboratorii cu care lucrezi

    • respecta-te pe tine si invata in fiecare zi sa fii mai bun decat ziua trecuta



    • felicita-i pe cei mai buni dacat tine si invata de la ei(sa programezi mai bine, sa fii un excelent arhitect de aplicatii software)

    • felicita concurenta pentru produsele de calitate oferite si invata sa oferi si tu calitate maxima clientilor


  1. IMBUIBAREA – Fii sanatos:

    • traieste o viata sanatoasa pentru a-ti valorifica la maxim potentialul creator si influenta pozitiva asupra celorlalti


  1. MANIA IN IT – Pastreaza-ti calmul in situatii stresante(bug-uri, clienti nemultumiti):

Fii calm cand:

      • recunosti bug-urile aparute in cod

      • explici clientilor erorile aparute sau intarzierele la livrare

      • explici clientilor costurile produselor software


  1. LENEA – Fii harnic:

  • munceste la fel mult in fiecare zi(sa scrii cod de calitate, sa livrezi functionalitati noi, sa te adresezi clientilor si sa la rezolvi problemele prin software de calitate)


Cu totii avem in activitatea noastra IT, fie ea de developer, arhitect, analist, tester sau om de business momente dificile si stresante cand aplicatiile softarware merg greu si au performanta scazuta, cand au aparut bug-uri sau regresii in urma unui update, cand unii clientii nu au primit funtionalitatile dorite.

In astfel de situatii, noi toti trebuie sa avem speranta ca vom rezolva fiecare problema in parte si sa avem un pic de credinta in puterea noastra si a IT-ului.


Pastrati-va Credinta,

Iulia de la julysoft.net

The 7 Capital Sins in Information technology (IT)


The 7 capital sins are valid in our life, so they are in the information technology industry (IT), as follows:


  1. PRIDE IN IT – Communicate in the same way with all customers/with all team members:

If you are very intelligent and you have contributed greatly to the success of the project:

    • recognize the contribution brought by the other team members(sometimes less experienced than you)

    • presents the software product to all users, with the same passion, regardless of their level of knowledge

    • you pay maximum attention to each member of the team, to each client and to each user without discrimination


  1. AVIDITY IN IT – Keeps the measure in all(Evaluation, sale, presentation, delivery):

    • add functionalities with the measure, to be in line with all rigors of testing/delivery

    • test fully the updates and don’t rush to deliver without going through all the necessary steps

    • describe the software to customers with measure and don’t exaggerate in presenting existing advantages/functionality

    • apply a correct pricing policy according to the value of software products

    • apply a correct licensing policy and do not limit exaggerated functionality on the criteria of number of users (size etc.)


  1. LUST IN IT– Be disciplined:

    • comply with software application development rules and especially those for writing code

    • respect customer time when making presentations and/or support

    • respect all the partnerships and all the collaborators you work with

    • respect yourself and learn every day to be better than the day before


  1. ENVY IN IT – Learn from performers:

    • congratulate the best and learn from them(to be a better developer, to be an excellent architect of software applications)

    • congratulate the competition for the quality pf the provided products and learn to offer maximum quality to your customers


  1. GLUTTONY IN IT – Be healthy:

    • live a healthy life to maximize your creative potential and your positive influence on others


  1. WRATH IN IT - Keep calm in stressful situations(bug, unhappy clients):

Keep your calm when:

      • recognize the bugs which have been appear in the code

      • explain to clients errors occurred or the delays in delivery

      • explain to customers the costs of software products


  1. SLOTH IN ITPlay hard:

  • play hard every day(write quality code, deliver new features, address to clients and solve their problems with quality software products and moral behavior))


We all have in our IT activity, be it developer, architect, analyst, tester or businessman, difficult and stressful moments, when software applications are slow in performance, when bugs or regressions occurred following an update, when some clients did not receive the desired features.

In such situations, we all have to keep the hope that we will solve each problem, and have a little faith in our power and in IT.


Have Faith,


  Iulia from JulySoft.net