What is July Soft Geysir?

Julysoft Geysir is by all means an Enterprise Search Solution targeting home users & businesses that need more efficiency in the management of their internal electronic data.

If your company has a lot of business-critical information (namely Office Documents, PDF files, Zip or RAR archives containing such documents, Etc) inside your intranet (network shares, SQL Server Databases, FTP sites, Mailboxes, internal Web Portals, Share Point, TFS Etc) and your employees need to access this critical data fast to serve your business operations then for sure you should invest into a suitable Enterprise Search Solution. Geysir Enterprise Search is affordable, fast to implement so a great choice for your business to increase its operational efficiency in handling business-critical electronic data.

What problems Geysir solves & what benefits brings to my organization?

In a sentence, Geysir solves the main problem that Enterprise Search Systems solves by definition: Improve company efficiency through fast electronic information retrieval.

Main benefits that Geysir brings to your organization are:

a) Accelerate retrieval of information

b) Improving the re-use of information

c) Finding people with relevant expertise

d) Eliminate duplication of work

e) Improving the consistency and quality of response to queries from customers and partners

f) Audit / compliance management

Our priority is to help you find your data and save your time, therefore we have created for your business July Soft Geysir Enterprise Search: http://julysoft.net/products.

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Julysoft Geysir Enterprise Search Supports SSH Now!


We @ Julysoft are working constantly to add new functionality to Geysir - our Enterprise Search Solution!

This time our team has added a very important connector - SSH (Secure Shell).

This connector is very important because extends Geysir capacity to index and search inside any UNIX, Linux, MacBook folders or any other OS supporting SSH protocol - even in Windows we can expose the file system using Gygwin!

Same time with implementation of SSH protocol in Geysir we have added also in Geysir Web UI a new awesome function: themes - and now we have 2 predefined themes we distribute Geysir Web UI with: Elegant Theme and Colorful one!

To see more details about Geysir Functionality and understand how Geysir can help you and / or your business to be more productive visit Julysoft Geysir.

Indeed, having an Enterprise Search Engine inside your company allows you to unleash the power of your own data, allows you to take better and more informed decisions, faster - overall increase your company's operational efficiency!

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The Story of JulySoft Geysir Enterprise Search

Geysir (http://julysoft.net/products) is an idea born in 2014 while visiting Dublin Trinity Library and Dublin History Museum. We, the founders, sat in a restaurant inside the Museum and had a chat about how hard is to find documents inside big silos of data any company create. In fact our personal data we gathered since 2004 has at the moment 500 GB and consists from various files like: emails, documents, and multimedia.

During our discussion at that time we decided that all those 500GB are useless if we cannot search inside them in a matter of few seconds! So, we started to investigate various solutions to this problem. We soon found that there is no easy solution.

That was the beginning! Today we have the solution, and let me tell you that sometimes we receive emails with congratulations for our amazing memory from people we exchanged 1-2 emails few years ago when we contact them! Cool, isn't it?

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JulySoft Geysir – Fast Enterprise Search for Big Data

Nowadays, the volume of electronic information becomes bigger and bigger and it's growth rate is increases exponentially.

BBC article "The trouble with big data its called the recency bias" tells us that:

"You may be familiar with the statistic that 90% of the world’s data was created in the last few years." BBC, 5 june 2016 http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20160605-the-trouble-with-big-data-its-called-the-recency-bias

Given actual enterprise data increase trend, one of the basic needs is to explore and search within unstructured data fast.

We offer Geysir – a fast enterprise search for big data, but we also offer automatic text summarization which may become in the future a basic need.

How you can still extract the value of your big data? How you can ensure your independence from "big data"?

JulySoft Geysir Enterprise Search is your solution: http://julysoft.net/products

We @JulySoft are looking forward to show you Geysir, and we are sure that you will really like it and that Geysir can have a major impact in your activity especially in today's highly competitive business.

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