Geysir v. launched! New features: Search Autocomplete Suggestions and Similarity "More Like This"!

We have just launched version of Geysir Enterprise Search.

As you can see in the above image, two brand new features has been introduced in

1) Search Autocomplete Suggestions - very handy when users are exploring data and they don't really know in advance exactly they need to find. One such example is when they search a term / name / that they do not understand, and they try to find out what that term is. The term has a context and associated keywords. This new feature does just this: takes the current user's query (incomplete) and automatically finds its most important keywords associated with its context, thus helping the user to get better the initial term.

2) Similarity "More Like This..." More precise: Web UI has now a new button – for each document called "More Like This...". This new feature allows that starting from one document to get all similar documents in all categories. By contrast with Danube SIMILARITY – that is multi-node (allows similarity across multiple Geysir instances), "More Like This" is only on current instance but in compensation the later is available both to admin and normal users, while Danube SIMILARITY is only for admin users.

Very common scenario: User type Invoice 34 - an invoice for Client X, Just by clicking on "More Like This" command of the resulted document "Invoice 34", user will obtain instantly ALL Invoices of Client X!

"More Like This" is available in following license types:
a) Basic
b) Professional
c) Enterprise
Whilst Danube SIMILARITY is available only in Enterprise Licenses!


Enterprise Search should help the users spend less time searching information they need and same time helping them finding answers to questions. Similarity feature helps users to get a large collection of documents similar with a given one and as our example above - is very, very often the case in any company, while Search Suggestions Autocomplete feature helps users to dive and explore large collections of data in same way web search engines do...

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Why Successful Enterprise Search Requires Data De-Duplication tools like JULY SOFT KATLA!

Executive Summary:

Before Investing in Enterprise Search, Invest in Maximizing Data Quality - this way you will get the most return form your investment!


The above image is in fact a summary of this article and emphasizes that as Step #1, before Step #2 (which is Enterprise Search Implementation) companies should invest time in increasing Data Quality given that Data Quality impacts directly the success and return of investment in Enterprise Search Tools!

Any Enterprise Search Implementation should be treated as a separate Project.

A Project is: limited in time, has measurable results, has clear goals.

So how we measure the Success of an Enterprise Search Project Implementation?

Answer is: there are many variables here, but we will focus now on two:

- Recall      - the fraction from ALL RELEVANT DOCUMENTS of RETURNED RESULTS

- Precision - the fraction from RETURNED RESULTS            of RELEVANT RESULTS

In plain English -Recall is capacity of Search Engine to "Remember" all relevant documents relative to a user's query, while Precision is capacity to return a high concentration of relevant documents relative to user query. Higher the Recall and Precision the better!

So, a successful implementation of an Enterprise Search for a company can be measured by computing (for most important/often terms that employees are using in day-to-day operations) values of both Recall and Precision!

We at July Soft develop and implement GEYSIR Enterprise Search. We help companies to use their time, information and workforce more efficient and effective.

To see more details about benefits of Geysir you may visit this link.

Geysir's implementation success depends of its Recall and Precision - as mentioned before. But unfortunately those 2 variables are not only depending on our software's quality, they also depends heavily on input data quality!

Data quality can be drastically improved by:

- Eliminating Duplicated Files / Data

- Create Quality Meta-Data (implicit or explicit)

- Organize Data

- Eliminate old, useless data

- Etc

As we offer a limited GEYSIR Free Version you may request here, we also offer - FREE - July Soft KATLA File Organizer and Duplicate Removal Tool.

KATLA de-duplicate files, organizes data (Ex: split it between Archive and Working data, etc), creates implicit meta-data through data auto-organization, and more.

As the header image summarizes our point here, it worth, before investing in any Enterprise Search Implementation Project to increase Quality, Search-ability of data just to make sure Recall and Precision of implementation are highest possible thus maximizing the return of your investment and make your organization more efficient.

Note: If you are a technical person or willing to see more details and WHY eliminating duplicates increases Recall and Precision, you need to be at ease with following terms:

- Term Frequency

- Inverse Document Frequency

- TF-IDF Weighting

- You may do so while visiting this Wikipedia page.

If you want more details, we can show you at your email request at iulia@runbox.com a free live Geysir demo by Skype for about 1 hour.

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Geysir Enterprise Search supports now LAN Indexing

We support now in Geysir quite few important connectors at the moment:

  • Windows Local Disks, Folders, LAN Shares - which is Disk Indexer
  • Outlook PST backups - which is PST Outlook Indexer
  • Unix & Mac OS Folders - which is SSH Indexer
  • Web Sites (both Intranet and Internet) - which is Web Indexer
  • FTP sites (secured or no) - which is FTP Indexer
  • Mailboxes, using POP3 protocol - which is Mail Indexer
  • SQL Databases Binary Files - which is SQL Indexer
  • SharePoint web sites - which is SharePoint Indexer
  • Team Foundation Server sites / tasks / documents - which is Tfs Indexer

Today we have just launched Geysir Enterprise Search Server version that has a brand new family member:

  • LAN IP, Hosts & IP Ranges Shares - which is LAN Indexer

Using this new connector very easy - in few seconds & clicks any network administrator can setup Geysir to index HUNDREDS of LAN computers.

Why so fast? Simply because we do support IP Ranges and cascading settings - which drastically reduces time needed to setup a search LAN project!

How LAN Manager works?

He index 1 to N IP Addresses, Hosts and/or N IP Ranges you may need to setup to index. For all computers found on from the collection will crawl all shares set either at root level or for any particular device. We also support excluded hosts - where you may exclude servers, printers, etc.

And just because a picture makes at 1000 words, see below a capture of Geysir LAN Indexer Setup Settings Dashboard:

As you may notice in the above picture you can set in your search project many IP Ranges and for each one you may opt-in for root settings (Username, Password, Domain, Shares) or you can personalize for each range / IP or Host you opt-out so!

Just imagine how convenient is to:

  • Be able to search within all important Company Documents - spread over hundreds of computers in few seconds
  • Be able to access a File from Bob's computer while his computer is shut down and see its changes history also
  • Allow your employees to search inside a whole LAN in a matter of few seconds
  • Allow your employees to be more efficient by leveraging EXISTING LAN data - that today you have but is so difficult to use it!

Hope you find this article interesting. Any questions you may have about Geysir Enterprise Search Server or LAN Indexer in particular feel free to:

Happy Searching!

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