Geysir Ent. Search version 1.1 – CRM Import Service from VC & Emails Free*

Geysir is an High-End Enterprise Search Solution, and if you get Enterprise Licence – this includes also a Document Management Solution (DMS), a Customer Relationship Solution (CRM) and an Issue Tracker Support Solution and if you take into consideration price and seamless integration of those systems (Geysir Search Portal can search also in those systems) really the choice is no brainier.


Let’s say you acquired Enterprise Licence and this includes a DMS and a CRM solution on top of your Geysir Enterprise Licence. You now are willing to use your CRM to make a difference towards your customers – you need to take time to add every client, its contact data, communication history, etc.


Well – we @ JULY SOFT are 100% aware of this tedious operation and that you / your employees many not afford the time to execute it. This is why we offer – for free – the service to import your clients / contacts (initial import) from 2 main sources:

- your Emails

- your Visit Cards


Yes, you got it right – we OCR / parse your Visit Cards and we then import it to your new Geysir CRM – offered free along Geysir Enterprise Full Licence! Of course we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy because OCR is not “exact science” but overall – from our past experiences we deliver an average of 70-90% accuracy (depending on VC / scanning quality) of VC Import into CRM – note for phone numbers this tends to 100%...


We will provide you / yours IT staff full guidance to make this process as fast and as smooth as possible and we guarantee 1-2 business days is done and you may start using your CRM from day 3 having ALL your contacts + associated history and data safely stored in your database!


*this service is available as free service rather for clients based in Bucharest / Romania

As you may think this operation requires rather our staff on your site and this is why we offer at the moment this service for free only for clients from Bucharest / Romania. There are nevertheless options to provide same service for remote clients.


For a Better Search,

July Soft Team


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