July Soft Geysir Enterprise Search NEW Features

July Soft Geysir Enterprise Search NEW Features:

1. Hadoop Indexer

  • Geysir Enterprise Search support now Hadoop Indexer capable of scanning any Hadoop root folder using WebHDFS Api. Hadoop indexer requires that WebHDF to be enabled. For more information how to install Hadoop in a cluster configuration using Ubuntu machines see this Hadoop 1 Master & 2 Slaves Setup article.

2. Enable OCR(Optical Character Recognition)

3. CRM module – import from visit cards and emails

4. Extranet module

  • Exranet module is web platform for sharing files, updates and allows your company to have a more structured, traceable communication with your partners / clients. It also allows you to have real time chat communication to and from your clients and also supports OCR and structured data extraction from images and non-OCR PDFs in order to gain more efficiency in your data input activities.

  • It is integrated with Geysir Enterprise Search as follows: you may index within Geysir by content all shared files to and from your customers
  • Extranet advantages: eliminate communication errors, fast response time, flexibility and control.

  • The advantages of an Extranet compared to email are: superior, scalable, no problems of spam, traceability, backup, more professional stance towards your customers, can be customized, can add charts, reports, search easy, can be integrated with other applications.

  • More about this module we can show you through a demo on your request.


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