Geysir Enterprise Search is out - You Get More Time Every New Version...

July Soft just rolled out Geysir Enterprise Search version

The main new functionality is now "Get More Like This..." button.

As its name says, this new feature allows the user - both in Web UI (available to Enterprise, Professional or Basic license owners) and in Desktop Console UI (available to all license owners, including Free Version users) - to get all other documents that are "similar" with a given one - resulted from a previous search.

Let's take a very common example:

A lawyer in your company needs to consult "Contract Client Ben". He logs in Geysir Search Portal and types "Contract Ben".

Geysir returns few results - among them "IT Services Contract - Ben.pdf".

The lawyer needs now to see other IT Services contracts to compare them with Ben's contract...

Now, he can just click on "More Like This ..." button that is available on first result - he will then magically get all IT Services contracts existing in the Company's repository.

So, now, any Geysir user - including Free users - can enjoy this time saving new feature that is needed so often in today's reality in any company...

Also Geysir Desktop UI has been further polished and starts to look sleek and elegant as Web UI is.

Curious to see if you can Get More This? Just request us your download Geysir Free Link!


Happy Searching,

July Soft Team

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