The 7 Capital Sins in Information technology (IT)


The 7 capital sins are valid in our life, so they are in the information technology industry (IT), as follows:


  1. PRIDE IN IT – Communicate in the same way with all customers/with all team members:

If you are very intelligent and you have contributed greatly to the success of the project:

    • recognize the contribution brought by the other team members(sometimes less experienced than you)

    • presents the software product to all users, with the same passion, regardless of their level of knowledge

    • you pay maximum attention to each member of the team, to each client and to each user without discrimination


  1. AVIDITY IN IT – Keeps the measure in all(Evaluation, sale, presentation, delivery):

    • add functionalities with the measure, to be in line with all rigors of testing/delivery

    • test fully the updates and don’t rush to deliver without going through all the necessary steps

    • describe the software to customers with measure and don’t exaggerate in presenting existing advantages/functionality

    • apply a correct pricing policy according to the value of software products

    • apply a correct licensing policy and do not limit exaggerated functionality on the criteria of number of users (size etc.)


  1. LUST IN IT– Be disciplined:

    • comply with software application development rules and especially those for writing code

    • respect customer time when making presentations and/or support

    • respect all the partnerships and all the collaborators you work with

    • respect yourself and learn every day to be better than the day before


  1. ENVY IN IT – Learn from performers:

    • congratulate the best and learn from them(to be a better developer, to be an excellent architect of software applications)

    • congratulate the competition for the quality pf the provided products and learn to offer maximum quality to your customers


  1. GLUTTONY IN IT – Be healthy:

    • live a healthy life to maximize your creative potential and your positive influence on others


  1. WRATH IN IT - Keep calm in stressful situations(bug, unhappy clients):

Keep your calm when:

      • recognize the bugs which have been appear in the code

      • explain to clients errors occurred or the delays in delivery

      • explain to customers the costs of software products


  1. SLOTH IN ITPlay hard:

  • play hard every day(write quality code, deliver new features, address to clients and solve their problems with quality software products and moral behavior))


We all have in our IT activity, be it developer, architect, analyst, tester or businessman, difficult and stressful moments, when software applications are slow in performance, when bugs or regressions occurred following an update, when some clients did not receive the desired features.

In such situations, we all have to keep the hope that we will solve each problem, and have a little faith in our power and in IT.


Have Faith,


  Iulia from JulySoft.net


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