JulySoft Geysir – Fast Enterprise Search for Big Data

Nowadays, the volume of electronic information becomes bigger and bigger and it's growth rate is increases exponentially.

BBC article "The trouble with big data its called the recency bias" tells us that:

"You may be familiar with the statistic that 90% of the world’s data was created in the last few years." BBC, 5 june 2016 http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20160605-the-trouble-with-big-data-its-called-the-recency-bias

Given actual enterprise data increase trend, one of the basic needs is to explore and search within unstructured data fast.

We offer Geysir – a fast enterprise search for big data, but we also offer automatic text summarization which may become in the future a basic need.

How you can still extract the value of your big data? How you can ensure your independence from "big data"?

JulySoft Geysir Enterprise Search is your solution: http://julysoft.net/products

We @JulySoft are looking forward to show you Geysir, and we are sure that you will really like it and that Geysir can have a major impact in your activity especially in today's highly competitive business.

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It's time to see GEYSIR ! Bcz ... Who doesn't want more TIME?

 Did you ever estimated how much time you spend in total while searching information inside electronic documents?

By investing in Geysir Enterprise Search you will invest for:

  • more time for the entire company

  • better decisions, faster

  • leading your business towards generating more value faster

  • never blaming the lack of decisions for the lack of information

Once time goes it will never come back – that's why you should invest in Geysir: http://julysoft.net/products

If for you / your company the knowledge and information are critical in order to operate and therefore you need to invest in a tool to increase your efficiency, we can show you how Geysir can do it for you.

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